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    What’s the future for Temporary & Freelance Chefs?

    With the latest ruling being handed down from the Supreme Court in the UBER vs Drivers case today and the imminent arrival of IR35 in April, what are the broader implications for recruiting freelance chefs? Gone are the days where people were either employed or worked for themselves, there’s a […]

  • kitchen

    Channel4 – Dispatches. Too close to the truth for the industry?

    Yet another piece of investigative journalism beating the Hospitality sector was aired on Channel 4 last night. It outlined the shady practices that are allegedly happening in one particular Premier Inn. Staff being told to report early for unpaid meetings or do their preparation in their own time, an unreasonable […]

  • New HMRC guidance on self employed chefs

    This post first appeared on reliefchef.org, in April 2015 The dawn of the new tax year brought new powers to HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC). This concerns the self employed status and, the use of Personal Service Companies (PSC) & Limited companies (Ltd). HMRC are specifically targeting the Catering; Security; […]