Our services

Here at Chef Associates we believe in having many strings to our bow. This is why we offer just a little bit more than most chef recruiters. Here is a selection of services that we offer:

CV Validation

We understand that you may not want to use a recruiter to fill your vacancy, this is why we’ll check a candidate’s CV for you.

Not many have access to the plethora of information in our archives, so for £40 per candidate we will check their CV for information pertaining to accolades etc.

Background Check

For £150 we will comb the background of your chosen candidate. All possible avenues; newspapers, social media profiles and various other outlets will be investigated with regard to their CV.

We will then compile a report for you, which will highlight any possible issues which may raise concern. Helping you make a more informed choice about your candidate and potential employee.

Chef recruitment

Applying our mantra of “Caution, Guests, Attention, Detail” to recruiting the right candidate for your business.

We don’t make 600 cold calls a day just to get the vacancy; we already have the candidate’s CV. Their references have been checked, and the validity of their CV researched with our archive of guide books & resources. Each of our CVs now come with Hygiene rating, AA Restaurant, Good Food Guide listings, as standard (where applicable & possible), along with social media presences as well.

This way we pair the right candidate with the right client & job. May be give us a call, to see what we can do for you.


We offer a value for money website & email solution with 12months support, all for less than £300. We’ll integrate your social media pages (where possible), if you want, to increase your social network reach & influence.

Yes, we’ll even give you a 30 page PDF manual so that in your 12 months with us you can make the mistakes & we’ll help you learn from it, so you’ll be self sufficient. When the 12 months support is up, we’ll give you the option to either continue with another 12 months, or for you to go it alone.

It’s that kind of flexibility, coupled with a low price, that makes us a viable alternative.

Maybe have a look at our portfolio for a better idea of what we can do for you