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    Michelin 2019 – Press reaction

    The Michelin guide concludes yet another award season in 2018 for the culinary gifted. Sadly, it will be commented on by those that think they know about such things, yet clearly, don’t. Having had experience in multiple Michelin starred kitchens & had had several frank conversations with their inspectors, I […]

  • Michelin guide

    Michelin 2019: Predictions (Updated)

    Monday will see the release of the Michelin guide to UK & Eire 2019 at an IMAX cinema in Waterloo, London. The past 12-18months has seen quite a few developments which will have surely caught the inspeactor’s eye; new openigs too late for the 2018 guide & those with pedigrees settling […]

  • Gidleigh menu cover

    #Foodporn: Gidleigh Park

    This is a recent meal at Gidleigh Park, Devon with former Nathan Outlaw Head chef Chris Simpson, now at the helm. We visited on a Sunday lunch, where there is a four choice menu available at £65 per person. A big thank you to all the team at Gidleigh Park […]

  • smartphones

    GDPR – Are we there yet?

    So by now, you’ve probably had your fill of emails from various websites emailing you, nay pleading with you, to stay on their mailing lists. For those that have been living under a rock for past 6 months GDPR, or General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU) 2016/679 to give it […]

  • How the AA became a spent force with their guides.

    I was first introduced to the AA restaurant guide as a young commis chef working in my first ‘fine dining’ kitchen. It was a culture shock to the system but I decided that this was the path for me. I was fortunate to work under a great chef who’d had […]

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    Channel4 – Dispatches. Too close to the truth for the industry?

    Yet another piece of investigative journalism beating the Hospitality sector was aired on Channel 4 last night. It outlined the shady practices that are allegedly happening in one particular Premier Inn. Staff being told to report early for unpaid meetings or do their preparation in their own time, an unreasonable […]

  • Think you know your spices?

    This was the very question posed to me quite recently by Richard Davies, Executive chef at Calcot manor near Tetbury. And to be honest it’s something that I hadn’t really paid much attention to, because let’s face it, a peppercorn is a peppercorn right? Well no, actually it isn’t and […]

  • Michelin guide

    Michelin 2018: Predictions

    This is one of those posts that any blogger, connected with the Hospitality industry, will be writing about now. Their predictions for who will get a glittering Michelin star on Monday. Our understanding is that Michelin have already sent out the invitations to a select number of the current incumbents, […]

  • Union flag BW

    Jeremy King–The reply

    Some of you may have read the recent comments by serial restauranteur Jeremy King with regard to Brexit. I could be really brief in this post, and pose the reply of: 2 words Mr King; the second one is off, chose any prefix you like. But I won’t, it deserves […]