Opinion: Scorchio

Today I shared an Instagram post from the owners of The Drapers Arms in London. Ordinarily, there is nothing new in that, except it’s particularly a post that generally goes against the grain of the Hospitality sector. Yes, the owners at The Drapers Arms will be closing their kitchen because they believe the high temperatures…Read more Opinion: Scorchio


Opinion: Own the problem, you created it!

Every morning I’m awake by at least 6.30am, before my wife’s alarm sounds, I read the two pages of news that Google deems worthy of my attention. In the main, it keeps me well informed of global events. But recently an article came to my attention, which, if I'm being honest makes my piss boil:…Read more Opinion: Own the problem, you created it!


Opinion: Reply to Dermot King, The Caterer & Cut Tourism VAT – FACTS

Dear Sirs, Yet again I see The Caterer trying to set the political agenda for Hospitality, without giving it much thought. So as I write this reply to Dermot King,  The Cut Tourism VAT campaign(CTV) & The Caterer, just ask yourselves who is using facts & who is using guesswork & assumptions? The Campaign The…Read more Opinion: Reply to Dermot King, The Caterer & Cut Tourism VAT – FACTS

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#Foodporn: The Victoria Inn, Penzance, Cornwall

We had a post-festive getaway this year, so we trundled down to Cornwall to a place we've gotten to know reasonably well over the past year. The Victoria Inn near Penzance, is run by Husband & Wife team Nikolaus & Laura Boyle, suitably aided by some fantastic staff. They allow dogs in the bar but…Read more #Foodporn: The Victoria Inn, Penzance, Cornwall