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Michelin 2018: Predictions

This is one of those posts that any blogger, connected with the Hospitality industry, will be writing about now. Their predictions for who will get a glittering Michelin star on Monday. Our understanding is that Michelin have already sent out the invitations to a select number of the current incumbents, but the next couple of…Read more Michelin 2018: Predictions


What’s the missing piece of the puzzle? #ChefShortage

Unless you've been living under a rock, or just don't do social media, you may have noticed an article doing the rounds. The piece in question is: "Chef crisis: top restaurants struggle to find reliable chefs" by food writer Felicity Spector. Why this particular article has re-surfaced two years after publication is a mystery, but…Read more What’s the missing piece of the puzzle? #ChefShortage


For a while now I’ve been talking to John Silvert (Silvert Service) about a level of ethics which is clearly missing from a number of Chef Recruiters. Yes, I know the chefs amongst you will find it hard to believe, that essentially competitors will actually talk to one another, but it happens, particularly if there…Read more Ethics