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    Channel4 – Dispatches. Too close to the truth for the industry?

    Yet another piece of investigative journalism beating the Hospitality sector was aired on Channel 4 last night. It outlined the shady practices that are allegedly happening in one particular Premier Inn. Staff being told to report early for unpaid meetings or do their preparation in their own time, an unreasonable […]

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    What’s the missing piece of the puzzle? #ChefShortage

    Unless you’ve been living under a rock, or just don’t do social media, you may have noticed an article doing the rounds. The piece in question is: “Chef crisis: top restaurants struggle to find reliable chefs” by food writer Felicity Spector. Why this particular article has re-surfaced two years after […]

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    Preferred Supplier Lists – Does anybody really benefit?

    At the time of writing this post I currently have six Head chefs all looking for new positions. I know that I won’t be the only recruiter that they’ll be registered with, but this one of the incentives to work harder to find them a position. There are other reasons. […]