Michelin 2020: Predictions

It has been nearly a decade since I started writing these types of post and just as long (if not more) for the likes of Jay Rayner to call the guide an irrelevance, yet here we are, every year, talking about it. As ever, they are always subjective and the collective thoughts of people that I respect within my foodie/chef sphere.

So where to start? Well, Michelin, this year has taken the unprecedented step of giving us a sneak peek of a new star being awarded prior to the live award ceremony on Monday, at the Hurlingham Club, London. Alchemilla was named via the Red Book’s Twitter feed

So that’s the dead cert out of the way, now to a category which was provisionally labelled ‘Too soon‘. This year has seen a number of high profile moves & openings, now ordinarily I would say that they would have been too late to meet the deadline to get a decent number of inspections & to be considered for that year. However, Shaun Rankin @ Ormer blew that theory out of the water, the paint was barely dry when Michelin announced a shiny new star on Jersey.

Chris Eden leaving Driftwood and moving to a crestfallen Gidleigh Park is a sound move for all concerned. I’m a big fan of his food & ethos to its provenance, but moving over the border in late Summer will more than likely be too late for the 2020 guide. The same can be said for Eden’s replacement at Driftwood, Olly Pierrepont. However, this will give them a full annual inspection period for the 2021 book and with both their pedigrees I’d expect a minimum of 1 star for each.

As previously mentioned, Shaun Rankin set a precedent in the speed of a star arriving at Ormer, will he be able to repeat the same trick at his new venture Grantley Hall? Highly unlikely, again, 2021 beckons.

Dougie Balish at The Grove, Narbeth has the form & pedigree but may have to wait for another 12months. If ever a chef was destined to be a new 2* it’s him – given time.

Now to the main event, predictions for new stars.

Michelin is notoriously slow at awarding new stars at 2 or 3* level so don’t really expect too much movement there. The situation at Araki will be interesting, but our predictions are as follows:

New 3*
  • Claude Bosi at Bibendum
New 2*
  • Clove Club, London
  • Lympstone Manor, Devon

Now on to the even where speculation is the rifest, the 1* level. Typically Michelin UK awards about 14-18 new stars and removes marginally less.

New 1*
  • Gauthier, London
  • Cornerstone, London
  • Launceston Place, London
  • Perilla, London
  • Caract√®re, London
  • The Frog, London (The loss of the Bib is a give away)
  • Da Terra, London
  • The Angel (Michael Wignall), Yorkshire
  • Hjem, Northumberland
  • Artichoke, Bucks
  • Pensons, Worcestershire
  • Le Cochon Aveugle, Yorkshire
  • Adam Reid at The French, Manchester
  • Bastible, Dublin (Again loss of the Bib)
  • Tom Kemble at The Pass, Sussex
  • Restaurant 22, Cambs

Michelin is streaming a live event across its social media platforms on Monday 7th Oct from the Hurlingham Club, London.

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