For a while now I’ve been talking to John Silvert (Silvert Service) about a level of ethics which is clearly missing from a number of Chef Recruiters. Yes, I know the chefs amongst you will find it hard to believe, that essentially competitors will actually talk to one another, but it happens, particularly if there is a respect for the approach to recruitment.

One of the subjects we’ve been discussing is the methods used by some recruiters, who are artificially creating vacancies, creating vacancies in advance of a candidate potentially moving on and this week I have actually had the disturbing conversation with a chef who has been told by an agent “that their CV will be very much in the running for a vacancy”. The role however did not exist, and the recruiter in fact had not engaged with the client or been instructed to work on the vacancy.

So as chef recruiters what can we do?

Both Silvert Service & Chef Associates have pioneered new clauses in their respective Terms of Business’. From this week we have both inserted a clause stating that it is illegal for the agent to approach candidates within an extended time frame, with the intent to recruit for another client.

Whilst this is a drop in the ocean of chef recruiters, clients have the real power to influence change in the hospitality industry.

So my message to, not just my clients, but any hospitality business which uses recruitment companies, ask them to insert a similar clause into their terms, those that have nothing to fear will not object. Those with a questionable moral compass will try to dodge the issue and negotiate something different – The industry has the power to make the difference, after all you should expect a certain level of service for the fees you pay.

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