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    What’s the missing piece of the puzzle? #ChefShortage

    Unless you’ve been living under a rock, or just don’t do social media, you may have noticed an article doing the rounds. The piece in question is: “Chef crisis: top restaurants struggle to find reliable chefs” by food writer Felicity Spector. Why this particular article has re-surfaced two years after […]

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    Bullying & persecution

    “Never let the truth get in the way of a good story.” So Mark Twain said. Late last week it came to my attention that a Scottish Trades Union Congress-supported group called Better Than Zero, had targeted a chef & restaurant whom I’m proud to call a friend. Mark Greenaway […]

  • Ethics

    For a while now I’ve been talking to John Silvert (Silvert Service) about a level of ethics which is clearly missing from a number of Chef Recruiters. Yes, I know the chefs amongst you will find it hard to believe, that essentially competitors will actually talk to one another, but […]

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    A week in review

    With the atrocity in London this week, it tends to put everything into perspective. From everybody connected with Chef Associates, we wish everybody harmed in the incident our best wishes. During the course of this week Generation Snowflake helped us make a decision about our business model. We will no […]

  • Sorry, no CDPs here.

    It has been the foundation of my business ever since I’ve entered recruitment, about not dealing with commis chefs. There are several reasons for this, but mainly it boils down to an ethical decision, and we’ve stuck by it. Now we’re expanding that philosophy even further. We won’t recruit for […]

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    A week in review

    This is a little thing I’ve been thing about for a while, and have now decided to give it a spin. So much news, information and social media bombards us on a daily basis that I’ve decided to collate the best of it in a weekly post. Hopefully sharing new […]

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    Preferred Supplier Lists – Does anybody really benefit?

    At the time of writing this post I currently have six Head chefs all looking for new positions. I know that I won’t be the only recruiter that they’ll be registered with, but this one of the incentives to work harder to find them a position. There are other reasons. […]

  • LinkedIn isn’t Facebook – The reply & reality

    This post first appeared as an article on LinkedIn. Recently I read a LinkedIn post by Adam Prybelski, titled “LinkedIn is not Facebook…seriously, it’s not”. Being the type of person I am, I commented on this, principally because I thought that it was a narrow minded view to take, but […]

  • New HMRC guidance on self employed chefs

    This post first appeared on reliefchef.org, in April 2015 The dawn of the new tax year brought new powers to HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC). This concerns the self employed status and, the use of Personal Service Companies (PSC) & Limited companies (Ltd). HMRC are specifically targeting the Catering; Security; […]