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    What’s the future for Temporary & Freelance Chefs?

    With the latest ruling being handed down from the Supreme Court in the UBER vs Drivers case today and the imminent arrival of IR35 in April, what are the broader implications for recruiting freelance chefs? Gone are the days where people were either employed or worked for themselves, there’s a […]

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    Opinion: Bye Caterer, it was good whilst it lasted.

    For any chef of my generation (let’s say mid 40’s and leave it at that), they can all remember Thursdays. It was the day that the GM had The Caterer delivered and by the finish of lunch service it would have made its way to the kitchen, where we could […]

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    Opinion: Scorchio

    Today I shared an Instagram post from the owners of The Drapers Arms in London. Ordinarily, there is nothing new in that, except it’s particularly a post that generally goes against the grain of the Hospitality sector. Yes, the owners at The Drapers Arms will be closing their kitchen because […]

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    Opinion: Own the problem, you created it!

    Every morning I’m awake by at least 6.30am, before my wife’s alarm sounds, I read the two pages of news that Google deems worthy of my attention. In the main, it keeps me well informed of global events. But recently an article came to my attention, which, if I’m being […]

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    Opinion: The Caterer Survey

    This week The Caterer released its customer feedback survey into the wild. It’s been 6years since Travel and media entrepreneur Clive Jacobs purchase the industry journal and it has been a slippery slope ever since. In that time it has had three editors, vast swathes of journalists who knew the industry […]

  • How the AA became a spent force with their guides.

    I was first introduced to the AA restaurant guide as a young commis chef working in my first ‘fine dining’ kitchen. It was a culture shock to the system but I decided that this was the path for me. I was fortunate to work under a great chef who’d had […]

  • kitchen

    Channel4 – Dispatches. Too close to the truth for the industry?

    Yet another piece of investigative journalism beating the Hospitality sector was aired on Channel 4 last night. It outlined the shady practices that are allegedly happening in one particular Premier Inn. Staff being told to report early for unpaid meetings or do their preparation in their own time, an unreasonable […]

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    Jeremy King–The reply

    Some of you may have read the recent comments by serial restauranteur Jeremy King with regard to Brexit. I could be really brief in this post, and pose the reply of: 2 words Mr King; the second one is off, chose any prefix you like. But I won’t, it deserves […]

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    Michelin vs AA vs Good Food Guide

    Currently doing the rounds on social media is a rehash of a post called: AA Rosettes❀ Vs. Michelin Stars*- The Big Difference It was written in 2016 by a commis chef called Frank Davie. He had minimal experience then and doesn’t have much more now. Yet, this doesn’t seem to […]