Our original company was established in 2004 as reliefchef.org. It was originally designed to promote the services of freelance interim chefs. It’s still going strong, but misleading potential clients as to how we can support them with our services.

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Why Chef Associates?

Easy, because we don’t view candidates & clients as commodities – something that can be bought and sold as a revenue stream. No, we work with businesses & chefs to help them become a better product in the market place. It’s a partnership, or an association if you will.

We all know how important the synergy of a team is to produce excellent food. This is why we’ve set up this consultancy; to help to resource the correct staff for clients, equip chefs with better tools to do their jobs, and ultimately give other business better support.

Our mission statement

At Chef Associates our work ethos & mantra remains the same today, as it was when we worked in Michelin starred kitchens. For over twenty years, just four words have been the cornerstone of what we do:

  • Caution
  • Guest
  • Attention
  • Detail

They remain strong core values now, as they did when first introduced to them whilst working for a former 2 Michelin star chef.

When chefs apply to work with us we check references & the veracity of their CV, with our library of guide books & a wide array of contacts. Not only does this apply to permanent candidates, but also interim ones as well, such are our benchmarks.