A week in review

This is a little thing I’ve been thing about for a while, and have now decided to give it a spin. So much news, information and social media bombards us on a daily basis that I’ve decided to collate the best of it in a weekly post. Hopefully sharing new & different things will broaden the field, in terms of exposure at least.

I love that chefs take so much pride in their work that they put it on social media, it’s great as a platform for advertising your wares. So much so this week this got retweeted into my timeline;


Not sure on the current status of kitchen staff at Morston Hall, but get in touch with Greg if you fancy the challenge.

Cheeky look at Masterchef winner’s new restaurant.

This week we shared via our Facebook page, the new restaurant from former Treby Arms chef, Anton Piotrowski. Brown & Bean is on Ebrington street, just off the Plymouth city center. We had a quick look first thing in the morning: Chef Associates Facebook page

Air BnB in new partnership.

This week the controversial holiday letting agency struck up a new partnership with Guinness.

Yes, that’s right you could be staying at the iconic Gravity bar at the Guinness storehouse in Dublin.

Be quick, as the competition closes on March 22nd 2017 Full details: Air BnB comp

Retirement home gains a rosette

Claimed as a first, the Redwood Bistro in the Eastleigh retirement village, Hampshire, gained an AA rosette this week.

The Daily Telegraph quotes Kevin Young, manager of the village saying that:

the restaurant is now aiming for a Michelin star.

Full story: The Daily Telegraph

When you can’t decide what you want to drink…

Well don’t you worry, Heineken have got you covered. This week the brewing giant launched a new varient of their tequila flavoured beer: Heineken Dos beer

The catering world bids farewell to the man who moulded a generation.

The names Kinton & Ceserani will mean so much to many a chef of my generation. They produced several books which were the foundation to the City & Guilds 706 qualifications. To the minds of many chefs today, it is these skills which are lacking in the younger generation of cooks.

Victor Ceserani passed away at the age of 97: The Caterer

And now some #Foodporn



AA Rosette updates

Congratulations to the following restaurants who have had their AA rosette rating upgraded this week.

Name Location Old Award New Award
The Fell Restaurant at The Pheasant Cockermouth AA Rosette AA RosetteAA Rosette
The Bell at Ramsbury Ramsbury AA RosetteAA Rosette
Stocks Hotel Sark AA RosetteAA Rosette
The Haddon Restaurant at the The Izaak Walton Hotel Ashbourne AA Rosette AA RosetteAA Rosette


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