A week in review

With the atrocity in London this week, it tends to put everything into perspective. From everybody connected with Chef Associates, we wish everybody harmed in the incident our best wishes.

During the course of this week Generation Snowflake helped us make a decision about our business model. We will no longer be dealing with Chef de Parties, in any form. Nothing has changed in respect of offering them the benefit of our years in the industry, in the form of free advice, but we won’t recruit or place them any more.

Now not to use social media.

In a more light hearted view at the news. Micheal o’Hare from GG hospitality & The man behind the curtain has been making a few more waves, and not of the culinary variety. The leaked email story.

Extreme craft beer.

This filtered into my timeline on Twitter, and it just makes the mind boggle. We all know the foundation of any product is the ingredients you base it on, clearly not if craft beer made from sewage is going to be the way forward: Craft beer story here.

Michelin with a sense of humour.

Food for the top 1%.

We live in an age where excess is almost celebrated to the point of, well excess. But this week the record for the highest paid for a burger was surpassed. The previous record stood at $7,000. A new record was set at auction and rocked in at $10,000: $10k burger story here.

A great rant; Reviews, Social media, James Beard & more.

I really urge you to read this ranty article by on what happened in 2016, primarliy because it looks like 2017 is going to be more of the same. It includes a pet hate of mine, which makes people just look needy on social media: Excessive Hashtags.

A great piece on Fooditor, here.

Twitter recipe.

We are big fans of the #ThreeWordTweet from the @CliffhouseHotel twitter account. But this from Food52 is just as inventive.




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